MICHELIN Moto Challenge

Live your passion

Take part in the MICHELIN Moto Challenge for your chance to win two places for the VIP Village at a 2016 MotoGP race of your choice.


Michelin organises a regular challenge for riders who have already signed up for an event partnered by Michelin and who are equipped with the MICHELIN Power range.


How does it work?

After an intensive morning's training, you work out your reference time and tell the Michelin coordinator. You can then save it in the MICHELIN Motorcycle Lap Timer application. During your training, an expert will be there to help you determine your most accurate reference time.


A tailor made race and result

Your ranking will be based on a number of laps (decided and announced by the Michelin expert) which are close to your reference time. Each of these laps earns you 100 points. The rankings are based on 1,000 points. 1 point is taken off for every 0.1 second difference with the reference time announced.


Final competitor ranking

Michelin will tell you the overall rankings, calculated on the basis of riders who have accumulated the most points.


The day then ends on the podium with prizes for the 3 winners of each event.


To learn more about the conditions of entry in the MICHELIN Moto Challenge, visit



Ready for the challenge?

When you register, you get the MICHELIN Motorcycle Lap Timer application free; expert assistance before, during and after your event; exclusive access to the site to prepare for your race with our video tutorials and our personalized coaching; and advice from an osteopath.